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SymmetricCipherDocumentation Struct Reference

#include <seckey.h>

Inheritance diagram for SymmetricCipherDocumentation:

ARC4_Base CipherModeDocumentation PanamaCipher< B > SEAL< B > WAKE_CFB< B > WAKE_OFB< B > MARC4_Base SimpleKeyingInterfaceImpl< ARC4_Base, ARC4_Base > CBC_CTS_Mode< CIPHER > CBC_CTS_Mode_ExternalCipher CBC_Mode< CIPHER > CBC_Mode_ExternalCipher CFB_FIPS_Mode< CIPHER > CFB_FIPS_Mode_ExternalCipher CFB_Mode< CIPHER > CFB_Mode_ExternalCipher CTR_Mode< CIPHER > CTR_Mode_ExternalCipher ECB_Mode< CIPHER > ECB_Mode_ExternalCipher OFB_Mode< CIPHER > OFB_Mode_ExternalCipher List of all members.

Detailed Description

Each class derived from this one defines two types, Encryption and Decryption, both of which implement the SymmetricCipher interface. Two types of classes derive from this class: stream ciphers and block cipher modes. Stream ciphers can be used alone, cipher mode classes need to be used with a block cipher. See CipherModeDocumentation for more for information about using cipher modes and block ciphers.

Definition at line 224 of file seckey.h.

Public Types

typedef SymmetricCipher Encryption
 implements the SymmetricCipher interface
typedef SymmetricCipher Decryption
 implements the SymmetricCipher interface

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