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RWSS< STANDARD, H > Struct Template Reference

#include <rw.h>

Inheritance diagram for RWSS< STANDARD, H >:

TF_SS< STANDARD, H, RW > RW List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<class STANDARD, class H>
struct RWSS< STANDARD, H >


Definition at line 111 of file rw.h.

Public Types

typedef STANDARD Standard
 see SignatureStandard for a list of standards
typedef Standard::SignatureMessageEncodingMethod MessageEncodingMethod
typedef TF_SignatureSchemeOptions<
TF_SS< STANDARD, H, RW, int >,
RW, MessageEncodingMethod,
H > 
typedef PK_FinalTemplate<
TF_SignerImpl< SchemeOptions > > 
 implements PK_Signer interface
typedef PK_FinalTemplate<
TF_VerifierImpl< SchemeOptions > > 
 implements PK_Verifier interface
typedef RWFunction PublicKey
typedef InvertibleRWFunction PrivateKey

Static Public Member Functions

std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

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