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PKCS1v15 Struct Reference

#include <pkcspad.h>

Inheritance diagram for PKCS1v15:

SignatureStandard EncryptionStandard List of all members.

Detailed Description

PKCS #1 version 1.5, for use with RSAES and RSASS.

Only the following hash functions are supported by this signature standard:

// PKCS_DigestDecoration can be instantiated with the following
// classes as specified in PKCS#1 v2.0 and P1363a
class SHA;
class MD2;
class MD5;
class RIPEMD160;
class Tiger;
class SHA256;
class SHA384;
class SHA512;
// end of list
Definition at line 72 of file pkcspad.h.

Public Types

typedef PKCS_EncryptionPaddingScheme EncryptionMessageEncodingMethod
typedef PKCS1v15_SignatureMessageEncodingMethod SignatureMessageEncodingMethod

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