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ECIES< EC, COFACTOR_OPTION, DHAES_MODE > Struct Template Reference

#include <eccrypto.h>

Inheritance diagram for ECIES< EC, COFACTOR_OPTION, DHAES_MODE >:

DL_ES< DL_Keys_EC< EC >, DL_KeyAgreementAlgorithm_DH< EC::Point, COFACTOR_OPTION >, DL_KeyDerivationAlgorithm_P1363< EC::Point, DHAES_MODE, P1363_KDF2< SHA1 > >, DL_EncryptionAlgorithm_Xor< HMAC< SHA1 >, DHAES_MODE >, ECIES< EC > > DL_Keys_EC< EC > List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<class EC, class COFACTOR_OPTION = NoCofactorMultiplication, bool DHAES_MODE = false>

Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme, AKA ECIES.

Default to (NoCofactorMultiplication and DHAES_MODE = false) for compatibilty with SEC1 and Crypto++ 4.2. The combination of (IncompatibleCofactorMultiplication and DHAES_MODE = true) is recommended for best efficiency and security.

Definition at line 263 of file eccrypto.h.

Public Types

typedef PK_FinalTemplate<
DL_DecryptorImpl< SchemeOptions > > 
 implements PK_Decryptor interface
typedef PK_FinalTemplate<
DL_EncryptorImpl< SchemeOptions > > 
 implements PK_Encryptor interface
typedef DL_PublicKey_EC< EC > PublicKey
typedef DL_PrivateKey_EC< EC > PrivateKey

Static Public Member Functions

std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

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