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CipherModeDocumentation Struct Reference

#include <modes.h>

Inheritance diagram for CipherModeDocumentation:

SymmetricCipherDocumentation CBC_CTS_Mode< CIPHER > CBC_CTS_Mode_ExternalCipher CBC_Mode< CIPHER > CBC_Mode_ExternalCipher CFB_FIPS_Mode< CIPHER > CFB_FIPS_Mode_ExternalCipher CFB_Mode< CIPHER > CFB_Mode_ExternalCipher CTR_Mode< CIPHER > CTR_Mode_ExternalCipher ECB_Mode< CIPHER > ECB_Mode_ExternalCipher OFB_Mode< CIPHER > OFB_Mode_ExternalCipher List of all members.

Detailed Description

Cipher mode documentation. See NIST SP 800-38A for definitions of these modes.

Each class derived from this one defines two types, Encryption and Decryption, both of which implement the SymmetricCipher interface. For each mode there are two classes, one of which is a template class, and the other one has a name that ends in "_ExternalCipher". The "external cipher" mode objects hold a reference to the underlying block cipher, instead of holding an instance of it. The reference must be passed in to the constructor. For the "cipher holder" classes, the CIPHER template parameter should be a class derived from BlockCipherDocumentation, for example DES or AES.

Definition at line 27 of file modes.h.

Public Types

typedef SymmetricCipher Encryption
 implements the SymmetricCipher interface
typedef SymmetricCipher Decryption
 implements the SymmetricCipher interface

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