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fips140.h File Reference

Detailed Description

FIPS 140 related functions and classes.

Definition in file fips140.h.#include "cryptlib.h"
#include "secblock.h"

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class  SelfTestFailure
 exception thrown when a crypto algorithm is used after a self test fails More...


typedef PowerUpSelfTestStatus(__stdcall * PGetPowerUpSelfTestStatus )()
typedef const byte *(__stdcall * PGetActualMacAndLocation )(unsigned int &macSize, unsigned int &fileLocation)


 enum values representing status of the power-up self test


bool FIPS_140_2_ComplianceEnabled ()
 returns whether FIPS 140-2 compliance features were enabled at compile time
void DoPowerUpSelfTest (const char *moduleFilename, const byte *expectedModuleMac)
 perform the power-up self test, and set the self test status
void DoDllPowerUpSelfTest ()
 perform the power-up self test using the filename of this DLL and the embedded module MAC
void SimulatePowerUpSelfTestFailure ()
 set the power-up self test status to POWER_UP_SELF_TEST_FAILED
PowerUpSelfTestStatus __stdcall GetPowerUpSelfTestStatus ()
 return the current power-up self test status
const byte *__stdcall GetActualMacAndLocation (unsigned int &macSize, unsigned int &fileLocation)
MessageAuthenticationCodeNewIntegrityCheckingMAC ()
bool IntegrityCheckModule (const char *moduleFilename, const byte *expectedModuleMac, SecByteBlock *pActualMac=NULL, unsigned long *pMacFileLocation=NULL)
bool PowerUpSelfTestInProgressOnThisThread ()
void SetPowerUpSelfTestInProgressOnThisThread (bool inProgress)
void SignaturePairwiseConsistencyTest (const PK_Signer &signer, const PK_Verifier &verifier)
void EncryptionPairwiseConsistencyTest (const PK_Encryptor &encryptor, const PK_Decryptor &decryptor)
void SignaturePairwiseConsistencyTest_FIPS_140_Only (const PK_Signer &signer, const PK_Verifier &verifier)
void EncryptionPairwiseConsistencyTest_FIPS_140_Only (const PK_Encryptor &encryptor, const PK_Decryptor &decryptor)

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