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Waitable Class Reference

#include <cryptlib.h>

Inheritance diagram for Waitable:

BufferedTransformation NetworkReceiver NetworkSender AutoSignaling< BufferedTransformation > Bufferless< BufferedTransformation > Filter InputRejecting< BufferedTransformation > Sink WindowsPipeReceiver WindowsPipeSender List of all members.

Detailed Description

interface for objects that you can wait for

Definition at line 662 of file cryptlib.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int GetMaxWaitObjectCount () const =0
 maximum number of wait objects that this object can return
virtual void GetWaitObjects (WaitObjectContainer &container)=0
 put wait objects into container
bool Wait (unsigned long milliseconds)
 wait on this object

Member Function Documentation

bool Waitable::Wait unsigned long  milliseconds  ) 

wait on this object

same as creating an empty container, calling GetWaitObjects(), and calling Wait() on the container Definition at line 321 of file wait.cpp.

References GetWaitObjects(), and WaitObjectContainer::Wait().

Referenced by NetworkSource::GeneralPump2(), and NetworkSink::TimedFlush().

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