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TrapdoorFunction Class Reference

#include <pubkey.h>

Inheritance diagram for TrapdoorFunction:

RandomizedTrapdoorFunction TrapdoorFunctionBounds ESIGNFunction LUCFunction RabinFunction RSAFunction RWFunction InvertibleESIGNFunction InvertibleLUCFunction InvertibleRabinFunction InvertibleRSAFunction InvertibleRWFunction List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 68 of file pubkey.h.

Public Member Functions

Integer ApplyRandomizedFunction (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const Integer &x) const
bool IsRandomized () const
virtual Integer ApplyFunction (const Integer &x) const =0
virtual Integer PreimageBound () const =0
virtual Integer ImageBound () const =0
virtual Integer MaxPreimage () const
virtual Integer MaxImage () const

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