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PasswordBasedKeyDerivationFunction Class Reference

#include <pwdbased.h>

Inheritance diagram for PasswordBasedKeyDerivationFunction:

PKCS12_PBKDF< T > PKCS5_PBKDF1< T > PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC< T > List of all members.

Detailed Description

abstract base class for password based key derivation function

Definition at line 13 of file pwdbased.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int MaxDerivedKeyLength () const =0
virtual bool UsesPurposeByte () const =0
virtual unsigned int DeriveKey (byte *derived, unsigned int derivedLen, byte purpose, const byte *password, unsigned int passwordLen, const byte *salt, unsigned int saltLen, unsigned int iterations, double timeInSeconds=0) const =0
 derive key from password

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned int PasswordBasedKeyDerivationFunction::DeriveKey byte *  derived,
unsigned int  derivedLen,
byte  purpose,
const byte *  password,
unsigned int  passwordLen,
const byte *  salt,
unsigned int  saltLen,
unsigned int  iterations,
double  timeInSeconds = 0
const [pure virtual]

derive key from password

If timeInSeconds != 0, will iterate until time elapsed, as measured by ThreadUserTimer Returns actual iteration count, which is equal to iterations if timeInSeconds == 0, and not less than iterations otherwise.

Implemented in PKCS5_PBKDF1< T >, PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC< T >, and PKCS12_PBKDF< T >.

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