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PK_SignatureScheme::InvalidKeyLength Class Reference

#include <cryptlib.h>

Inheritance diagram for PK_SignatureScheme::InvalidKeyLength:

Exception PK_SignatureScheme::KeyTooShort List of all members.

Detailed Description

invalid key exception, may be thrown by any function in this class if the private or public key has a length that can't be used

Definition at line 1206 of file cryptlib.h.

Public Types

enum  ErrorType {
 error types More...

Public Member Functions

 InvalidKeyLength (const std::string &message)
const char * what () const throw ()
const std::string & GetWhat () const
void SetWhat (const std::string &s)
ErrorType GetErrorType () const
void SetErrorType (ErrorType errorType)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Exception::ErrorType [inherited]

error types

Enumeration values:
NOT_IMPLEMENTED  a method is not implemented
INVALID_ARGUMENT  invalid function argument
CANNOT_FLUSH  BufferedTransformation received a Flush(true) signal but can't flush buffers.
DATA_INTEGRITY_CHECK_FAILED  data integerity check (such as CRC or MAC) failed
INVALID_DATA_FORMAT  received input data that doesn't conform to expected format
IO_ERROR  error reading from input device or writing to output device
OTHER_ERROR  some error not belong to any of the above categories
Definition at line 110 of file cryptlib.h.

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