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OAEP< H, MGF > Class Template Reference

#include <oaep.h>

Inheritance diagram for OAEP< H, MGF >:

OAEP_Base EncryptionStandard PK_EncryptionMessageEncodingMethod List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<class H, class MGF = P1363_MGF1>
class OAEP< H, MGF >

EME-OAEP, for use with classes derived from TF_ES

Definition at line 26 of file oaep.h.

Public Types

typedef OAEP< H, MGF > EncryptionMessageEncodingMethod

Public Member Functions

bool ParameterSupported (const char *name) const
unsigned int MaxUnpaddedLength (unsigned int paddedLength) const
 max size of unpadded message in bytes, given max size of padded message in bits (1 less than size of modulus)
void Pad (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const byte *raw, unsigned int inputLength, byte *padded, unsigned int paddedLength, const NameValuePairs &parameters) const
DecodingResult Unpad (const byte *padded, unsigned int paddedLength, byte *raw, const NameValuePairs &parameters) const

Static Public Member Functions

std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

Protected Member Functions

unsigned int DigestSize () const
HashTransformationNewHash () const
MaskGeneratingFunctionNewMGF () const

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