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HAVAL Class Reference

#include <haval.h>

Inheritance diagram for HAVAL:

IteratedHash< word32, LittleEndian, 128 > IteratedHashBase2< word32, LittleEndian, HashTransformation > IteratedHashBase< word32, HashTransformation > HashTransformation Algorithm Clonable HAVAL3 HAVAL4 HAVAL5 List of all members.

Detailed Description


Definition at line 9 of file haval.h.

Public Types

enum  { DIGESTSIZE = 32, HAVAL_VERSION = 1 }
typedef LittleEndian ByteOrderClass
typedef IteratedHashBase<
word32, HashTransformation

Public Member Functions

 HAVAL (unsigned int digestSize=DIGESTSIZE, unsigned int passes=3)
 digestSize can be 16, 20, 24, 28, or 32 (Default=32)
pass can be 3, 4 or 5 (Default=3)
void TruncatedFinal (byte *hash, unsigned int size)
 truncated version of Final()
unsigned int DigestSize () const
 size of the hash returned by Final()
std::string AlgorithmName () const
 returns name of this algorithm, not universally implemented yet
unsigned int BlockSize () const
 block size of underlying compression function, or 0 if not block based
unsigned int OptimalBlockSize () const
 input to Update() should have length a multiple of this for optimal speed
unsigned int OptimalDataAlignment () const
 returns how input should be aligned for optimal performance
void Update (const byte *input, unsigned int length)
 process more input
byte * CreateUpdateSpace (unsigned int &size)
 request space to write input into
void Restart ()
 discard the current state, and restart with a new message
virtual void Final (byte *digest)
 compute hash for current message, then restart for a new message
virtual void CalculateDigest (byte *digest, const byte *input, unsigned int length)
 use this if your input is in one piece and you don't want to call Update() and Final() separately
virtual bool Verify (const byte *digest)
 verify that digest is a valid digest for the current message, then reinitialize the object
virtual bool VerifyDigest (const byte *digest, const byte *input, unsigned int length)
 use this if your input is in one piece and you don't want to call Update() and Verify() separately
virtual void CalculateTruncatedDigest (byte *digest, unsigned int digestSize, const byte *input, unsigned int length)
 truncated version of CalculateDigest()
virtual bool TruncatedVerify (const byte *digest, unsigned int digestLength)
 truncated version of Verify()
virtual bool VerifyTruncatedDigest (const byte *digest, unsigned int digestLength, const byte *input, unsigned int length)
 truncated version of VerifyDigest()
virtual ClonableClone () const
 this is not implemented by most classes yet

Static Public Member Functions

const char * StaticAlgorithmName ()
void CorrectEndianess (HashWordType *out, const HashWordType *in, unsigned int byteCount)

Static Public Attributes

cryptopp_assert___LINE__ )

Protected Member Functions

void Init ()
void Tailor (unsigned int FPTLEN)
void HashEndianCorrectedBlock (const word32 *in)
void HashBlock (const HashWordType *input)
virtual void HashBlock (const word32 *input)=0
virtual void HashEndianCorrectedBlock (const HashWordType *data)=0
void SetBlockSize (unsigned int blockSize)
void SetStateSize (unsigned int stateSize)
word32 GetBitCountHi () const
word32 GetBitCountLo () const
virtual unsigned int HashMultipleBlocks (const word32 *input, unsigned int length)
void PadLastBlock (unsigned int lastBlockSize, byte padFirst=0x80)
void ThrowIfInvalidTruncatedSize (unsigned int size) const

Protected Attributes

const unsigned int digestSize
const unsigned int pass
SecBlock< word32 > m_data
SecBlock< word32 > m_digest

Static Protected Attributes

const unsigned int wi2 [32] = { 5,14,26,18,11,28, 7,16, 0,23,20,22, 1,10, 4, 8,30, 3,21, 9,17,24,29, 6,19,12,15,13, 2,25,31,27}
const unsigned int wi3 [32] = {19, 9, 4,20,28,17, 8,22,29,14,25,12,24,30,16,26,31,15, 7, 3, 1, 0,18,27,13, 6,21,10,23,11, 5, 2}
const unsigned int wi4 [32] = {24, 4, 0,14, 2, 7,28,23,26, 6,30,20,18,25,19, 3,22,11,31,21, 8,27,12, 9, 1,29, 5,15,17,10,16,13}
const unsigned int wi5 [32] = {27, 3,21,26,17,11,20,29,19, 0,12, 7,13, 8,31,10, 5, 9,14,30,18, 6,28,24, 2,23,16,22, 4, 1,25,15}
const word32 mc2 [32]
const word32 mc3 [32]
const word32 mc4 [32]
const word32 mc5 [32]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void HashTransformation::Final byte *  digest  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

compute hash for current message, then restart for a new message

size of digest == DigestSize().
Definition at line 532 of file cryptlib.h.

Referenced by PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC< T >::DeriveKey(), HashFilter::Put2(), and HMAC_Base::TruncatedFinal().

virtual bool HashTransformation::Verify const byte *  digest  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

verify that digest is a valid digest for the current message, then reinitialize the object

Default implementation is to call Final() and do a bitwise comparison between its output and digest. Definition at line 558 of file cryptlib.h.

Member Data Documentation

const word32 HAVAL::mc2 [static, protected]

Initial value:

{ 0x452821E6, 0x38D01377, 0xBE5466CF, 0x34E90C6C, 0xC0AC29B7, 0xC97C50DD, 0x3F84D5B5, 0xB5470917 , 0x9216D5D9, 0x8979FB1B, 0xD1310BA6, 0x98DFB5AC, 0x2FFD72DB, 0xD01ADFB7, 0xB8E1AFED, 0x6A267E96 , 0xBA7C9045, 0xF12C7F99, 0x24A19947, 0xB3916CF7, 0x0801F2E2, 0x858EFC16, 0x636920D8, 0x71574E69 , 0xA458FEA3, 0xF4933D7E, 0x0D95748F, 0x728EB658, 0x718BCD58, 0x82154AEE, 0x7B54A41D, 0xC25A59B5}
Definition at line 213 of file haval.cpp.

const word32 HAVAL::mc3 [static, protected]

Initial value:

{ 0x9C30D539,0x2AF26013,0xC5D1B023,0x286085F0,0xCA417918,0xB8DB38EF,0x8E79DCB0,0x603A180E, 0x6C9E0E8B,0xB01E8A3E,0xD71577C1,0xBD314B27,0x78AF2FDA,0x55605C60,0xE65525F3,0xAA55AB94, 0x57489862,0x63E81440,0x55CA396A,0x2AAB10B6,0xB4CC5C34,0x1141E8CE,0xA15486AF,0x7C72E993, 0xB3EE1411,0x636FBC2A,0x2BA9C55D,0x741831F6,0xCE5C3E16,0x9B87931E,0xAFD6BA33,0x6C24CF5C}
Definition at line 219 of file haval.cpp.

const word32 HAVAL::mc4 [static, protected]

Initial value:

{ 0x7A325381,0x28958677,0x3B8F4898,0x6B4BB9AF,0xC4BFE81B,0x66282193,0x61D809CC,0xFB21A991, 0x487CAC60,0x5DEC8032,0xEF845D5D,0xE98575B1,0xDC262302,0xEB651B88,0x23893E81,0xD396ACC5, 0x0F6D6FF3,0x83F44239,0x2E0B4482,0xA4842004,0x69C8F04A,0x9E1F9B5E,0x21C66842,0xF6E96C9A, 0x670C9C61,0xABD388F0,0x6A51A0D2,0xD8542F68,0x960FA728,0xAB5133A3,0x6EEF0B6C,0x137A3BE4}
Definition at line 225 of file haval.cpp.

const word32 HAVAL::mc5 [static, protected]

Initial value:

{ 0xBA3BF050,0x7EFB2A98,0xA1F1651D,0x39AF0176,0x66CA593E,0x82430E88,0x8CEE8619,0x456F9FB4, 0x7D84A5C3,0x3B8B5EBE,0xE06F75D8,0x85C12073,0x401A449F,0x56C16AA6,0x4ED3AA62,0x363F7706, 0x1BFEDF72,0x429B023D,0x37D0D724,0xD00A1248,0xDB0FEAD3,0x49F1C09B,0x075372C9,0x80991B7B, 0x25D479D8,0xF6E8DEF7,0xE3FE501A,0xB6794C3B,0x976CE0BD,0x04C006BA,0xC1A94FB6,0x409F60C4}
Definition at line 231 of file haval.cpp.

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